May 26, 2016

WHAT TO WEAR: Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Although June 21st is the the first day of summer, Memorial Day Weekend kicks off the summer travel season. And with the thought of summer, every fashionista's first sight go on to SWIMSUITS! So, I had to give you guys some cute swimsuit inspo for this three-day weekend. I mean, you can go with the same ol' same ol' swimsuit and cover-up situation. Or you can make your suit work overtime by turning it into an outfit. The looks below, are created just for that. Take a look:

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Bathing Beauty: #MemorialDay Look 1

This first look is for the DIVA in all of us. This ruffled one-shoulder suit by Lisa Marie Fernandez is too fabulous to rock only at the pool. Add a scuba style skater skirt and heels to take this suit out on the town. Also, who doesn't like a black & white color scheme? RIGHT!

Bathing Beauty: #MemorialDay Look 3

This look is for the fun and sporty! I mean, who doesn't love a sparkling cactus? This pink suit is from TopShop via Nordstrom.  Also, these Nike Roshe's are the ultimate summer running shoe. I have a pair! They are light weight and fun colored. Clearly, this lady is bring the party to the pool.

Bathing Beauty: #MemorialDay Look 2

Lastly, you know I had to add this monochrome look. This is for the sophisticated and sexy. You might not get weight, but your jewels will keep you icy. This simple Thomas Maier suit can double as a tank when going out at night. This is the ultimate vacation look. Change the flats for a pair of heels and you are in business.

So, I hope you enjoy these upcoming summer weekends. Remember to take a break this week and enjoy the breeze. Would you rock one of these looks? Let me know in the comments section!

May 25, 2016

MY STYLE: Because it's my favorite . . .

Since I launched my Closet Edits program, I've been inspired to follow my own advice. Shop you closet ladies and gentleman! Before you decide to throw everything away or buy up the whole mall, you gotta start at the foundation - your closet. This week, I decided to do just that. This is one of my favorite dresses, I've worn it plenty of times. But I've never documented it for a My Style post. Click below to see my reasons why:

May 19, 2016

WHAT TO WEAR: International Natural Hair Meet-Up Day 2016

On May 21 it's International Natural Hair Meet-Up Day (INHMD)! This day was created to encourage black women to celebrate their natural hair. This year, I've been asked to speak on a panel to discuss style and rocking your natural hair. It's an important conversation! Plus, I do write a natural hair blog, Natural in Nashville. Even though I'm not a licensed cosmetologist, I can connect you to the right resources. 

Why is the discussion of personal style and hair so important? Because, allowing your curly, coily, or kinky hair free (when you are used to wearing it straight) can be a hard for some women to deal with. I mean, it's a total change of style. Plus, there's such a stigma when women, especially black women, start taking pride in the bodies they were born in. Our confidence can be hit hard. 

So attending a natural hair meet-up is a good way to increase your confidence when learning a new style. You can see other women rocking their various styles, learn new techniques, and even buy new products. It's one of the best events you can attend. 

Of course, I had to hook you up with some style inspiration for those attending a International Natural Hair Meet-Up event in their city. From classic to cute, these outfit inspirations are gonna have you looking real cute with you new fly hair! Hope to see you at the Nashville INHMD event. 
#WhatToWear: #INHMD - Look 3

I'm loving this cute casual look. If you aren't a girl who wears heels, you can swap these out with a cute pair of sneakers. Of course, this is the perfect event to rock your favorite graphic tee. This one is from They have tons of cute tees with cool slogans on the front. Check them out. 
#WhatToWear: #INHMD - Look 1

This next look is so ON TREND - denim on denim is the way to be this spring. This look is great to rock to the INHMD event and then go to get a meal with your girls. And, yes, this head-wrap is a must for this year. Try it out. 

#WhatToWear: #INHMD - Look 2

Lastly, this chic look is for my flirty fashionistas. Again, INHMD is a great time to meet new women who are rocking their fly hair. You know we gotta look out best. Try this basic but chic look as you get ready to meet some new friend. 

So, I hope to see you at INHMD Nashville event. Unfortunately, the event SOLD OUT. But you know I'll have a review for you on Monday. 

MY STYLE: Turban Fantastic

Last week I attended the O'more College fashion show. Read the review here: Now, as excited as I was I had no idea what I was gonna wear. Coming from Nashville Fashion Week, I was tapped out ideas for what to wear. 

Ladies, that's when you shop your closet. In this age of social media, we get so hyper-aware of wearing the same outfit more than once, especially when it's photographed. Listen, ain't nobody got time for that! If an outfit or item made you feel good, ROCK IT AGAIN! 

I've worn elements of this outfit several times. But I wore each item differently. I choose this look because it was comfortable and fashionable. I was coming straight from work. This shirt, skirt, and sandals are all from Torrid. 

Then, my hair was looking crazy. Send in the head wrap! I've had this printed material for YEARS. Purchased three yards at the African Street Festival. I've been wrapping my hair for years. I learned by my own mistakes, but now there are TONS of tutorials on YouTube. Take a look and get your life, it's such a time-saver. 

So, I hope this look encouraged you to shop your closet. Please believe, if you see me in these Nashville streets, I may be rocking this look again. And I hope you rock your favorite looks again too!