Thursday, July 24, 2014

SUMMER STYLE: Brunch with friends

So, have you ever been chilling at the house, with nothing on the agenda - then a friend calls to invite you to lunch or brunch? You scramble to find something to wear that looks like you tried and you are comfortable. That's why brunch with friends calls for a cute circle skirt and sandals. Basically, two pieces and your life is made.

I'm almost embarrassed to say that this outfit is probably one of my most affordable looks. It's also one of the looks I use to demonstrate to plus-size women that you can shop at straight sized stores.

Shirt: Basic T-shirt from Target, $9.99 -  seriously I purchase like 3 of these every season, in every color. I buy the XXL in the regular section and they fit wonderfully under cardigans, jackets, and with separates.

Skirt: Purchased from Simply Fashion, $20.00 - on Clarksville Highway in Nashville. It's one of those stores that many would look past, because it's tucked away in a old looking strip mall. But they have a small plus-size section, passed the junior trendy clothes, that you can find some items under $20.

Shoes: Flat ornament sandal from Payless, $20.00 - Listen, I have some big feet. Usually, I hate it becuase I can't just go into any store and buy a shoe. But, I am a fan of Payless, not gonna lie. They sell trendy looks for way cheaper and in my size.

So this who look is about $40 save for the thrifted jewelry and vintage bag (straight from my mom's closet - '70's baby!). If you are plus-size or extended sized, don't be afraid to try some different shops for your clothing selections.

Hope you are enjoying my Plus-Size Summer Style Guide! I can't wait to share more of my looks with you.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SUMMER STYLE: My summer office look

Welcome to Day 1 of my Summer Style feature. I'm so happy to share my summer style with you. As a plus-size blogger, I often get asked how I pull together my looks for the summer season. Most of you know I run the blogs but I also have a day job . . . in an office. We have a dress code that's not so strict so it allows me to be creative.

The biggest thing I hate about the dress code is we can't wear sundresses. But, I have a ton of sundresses. So, what's one way to rock a sundress to work while staying in dress code? Wear a simple button-down shirt over it.

I purchase this simple button down shirt from the men's department at WAL-MART! I know, RIGHT! This maxi-dress was purchased from Ashley Stewart about 4 years ago (purchase a similar and BETTER one here). The belt was purchased from Target. I love a good slim belt to add a bit of chic to a look. Also, it pulls in your waist and gives that hourglass shape.

This comfy look get plenty of compliments at the office. Putting a shirt over a maxi-dress or sundress instantly allows you to have a skirt look for the day. Clever huh! I hope this inspires you to try a new look with your sundresses

Stay tuned for more of my Summer Style series! 
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

PREVIEW: FabGlanceMel's Summer Looks

Oh my gosh, I've been waiting so long to share these photos with you. 
This summer, I realized I've been rocking a TON of skirts. 
So I thought, "Why don't I do a Summer Skirt Lookbook for my Fab Fans". I often get such a great response when I share my plus-size style, I hope to inspire you to step out the fashion box this summer.

Over the next week I'll share five of my favorite summer looks. Most pieces are available for sale via ASOS, Torrid, and Forever 21, but some are vintage finds.

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