June 20, 2017

#15minutesofFAB: How to dress well while losing weight

Hey guys! If you didn't know I do a weekly Style Chat on Facebook Live called #15MinutesofFab. I take 15 (sometimes 30 minutes) to have a quick chat with my followers. It's a great way to talk about personal style, answer questions, and offer advice. I had a ton of requests to make a post about each topic we discuss on Tuesday. So, of course, I had to oblige.

This week, we are talking about 'Dressing Well, While Losing Weight'. It's a big question that troubles many as they start on their fitness journey. I've worked with clients who've lost a small and large amounts of weight, but haven't let go of their OLD clothes. The biggest concerns are fear, cost, and confidence. How do you get over these real threats to your personal style:
  • Fear - It's about the fear of GAINING the weight back after you've gotten rid of the clothes. My answer, " . . . and WHAT IF you do?". It will be hard to deal with, but I'm an advocate of looking your best NO MATTER your size. If, through life's circumstances, you do gain the weight back, you'll buy new clothes to help you feel good again. Most of the time, you want to wear your old clothes, anyway, so why hold on.
  • Cost - Really and TRULY, buying new clothes is hard on the wallet, especially if you feel like you are repeating yourself. Why buy new pair of pants, when I spent so much money on the one's I've been wearing for the last year? It's a question, but if those pants don't look good anymore, why keep them? Often I tell my clients to set a clothing budget according to their expenses. Some people may only be able to afford one piece a month, others more. Also, invest in QUALITY apparel that can be tailored. That will def keep cost lower than buying a whole new wardrobe.
  • Confidence - This ties back into FEAR. You've worked hard for your new body, you have to get to a place where you are fine with showing the fruits of your labor. Some people don't nbuy new clothes due to feeling like they still look fat (or big, or out of shape). While everyone is waiting for the debut of Ms. New Body! This is the time when you go get fitted for a look that you would have never worn. Sometimes bringing that new piece into the collection kicks off a whole new level of weight loss style.
Below, I've developed some looks to help you transition while you lose weight. Also, I'll give you some tips for looking good, losing weight, and staying FAB!

June 19, 2017

YOUTUBE: I won an award! Nashville Black 40 under 40!

 Hey everyone! Guess who's sticking to her posting schedule and attempting to give you all the content! YA! This week, we have new VLOG! Follow me to the Stay on the Go Magazine, Black '40 under 40' awards. I will continue to thank you for voting for me to win this award. It felt really good to be acknowledged by my peers. It's only upward from here.

Below is a short video from the day's event. It was quite swanky. We had fancy brunch, mimosas, live jazz, and an awards ceremony.The staff at City Winery really outdid themselves. The services was amazing and I was very surprised at the tasty food! I love City Winery, but I'm not a wine girl, LOL, so I'm always here for some tasty food. In addition, I just loved meeting the other honorees and their family members. Sometimes, you forget how many great people are in your city - that are doing GREAT THINGS! 

 Enjoy this week's video. Let me know what types of videos you'd want to see in the future and I'll make sure to do something fun for you!

June 14, 2017

YouTube: Happy Birthday - Faith not Fear!

Click here to view my newest video on YouTube!
Oh snap! It's my birthday! To tell you the truth, I wasn't so jazzed about this birthday. Admittedly, quitting my job has been the best and most difficult time in my life. Sometimes I feel like I did the right thing, others times, not so much. However, I talked to a couple friends, prayed, and counted my blessings. Things could be worse, and the aren't as bad as it seem.

Ler me fix my crown AND my attitude!
So, after my birthday photo shoot, I decided to film a quick video to encourage myself, AND YOU to have FAITH not fear. The biggest thing I struggled with is the fear of getting old and not being as successful as I thought I'd be. But I have to remember, God gives you what you need, when you need it, and when you can handle it. Best believe, I'm blessed, but I can't wait for more! Check out my video below:

Tell me how you conquer your fears in the comment section. Thanks for the birthday wishes. If you qant to give me a gift, check out my wish list, or donate to my Paypal! Love y'all, thanks for reading!

June 13, 2017

MY LIFE: Read my book, 'Jack & Ahlia'

Read Jack and Ahlia here

I started with what I thought would be a short story, but it's become an actual . . . novel. In 30 days, I'm due to have a great work of fiction that explores the complicated relationship of Jack and Ahlia, Jack and Ahlia are best friends, sometimes lovers, business partners, and a complicated pair who may just destroy each other due to their fear and secrets.

Since I quit my job I've had a lot more time to be creative. So, when I was cruising the online streets, I came across a writing challenge, #XD30 created by Blogger and Online Influence, Xavier D'Leau. XD hosts a writing challenge that's as simple as it is difficult. Basically, you write everyday for 30 days. The simple part is you can write WHATEVER you'd like: poem, sonnet, haiku, or short story. The difficult part is writing everyday - LAWD! But, I started the challenge and realized I missed writing fiction.

Check out the chapters on my Tumblr account. I share a new chapter everyday, BUT after the 15th or June, I'll only share an excerpt because I will be publishing and selling this book in August! Yup! I thought I wanted to write a style guide, but whoa, I'm dropping a novel! And, it's good! Give it a read and tell me what you think.

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