May 27, 2015

OUT & ABOUT: Exploring new designers at the O'more Student FashionShow, 2015

Setting the stage . . .

Two weeks ago I got the honor of attending my favorite Nashville fashion show, The O'More College of Design Student Fashion Show. The O'more Student Fashion Show showcases graduating senior projects and designs by junior class designers. In addition, the event showcases the graphic arts department and the interior design department. It's just great to know that O'More College is located right in our backyard (in Franklin) and produces SO MUCH talent!

A couple of my faves!
This year's showcase was a mix of on trend elements like African wax print short sets, gorgeous digital prints, and sumptuous maxi dresses. The most interesting thing about the presentations at the O'more show is that each student has to design EVERY PIECE shown on the models, all the way down to the accessories. The only thing that can be pre-fab are the shoes. So, to see little accessories and awesome couture pieces, makes you really appreciate all the effort.

May 26, 2015

MODEL BEHAVIOR: Ciara for Roberto Cavalli

Well, singer/dancer extrodinairre, Ciara,  is just slaying the day away as she has just announced as the new face of Roberto Cavalli. You may not think Ciara is the best singer (idc - she's one of my faves), but you can't deny that she's a true beauty! 

May 21, 2015

OUT & ABOUT: The Nashville Symphony Fashion Show 2015

Photo by Jason Myers
A couple weeks ago I was asked to attend the Nashville Symphony fashion show. When I say I was surprised, I tell no lies. I've been trying to get my hands on a invite to this annual fashion show for years. You know I had get my Fab Glance readers the inside scoop on how it goes down.

The show begins with models posed in Brunello Cucinelli Fall 2015 designs
The Symphony Fashion show was presented by FirstBank and the Nashville Symphony Orchestra League. The show benefits the symphony's community education programs. These programs teach music to youth in the Nashville area as well as allowing the community to enjoy music through family days and discount tickets. Basically, anything to get people to enjoy our gloroius symphony.