March 25, 2015

My Style: The Blogger Girls Photo Shoot

If you've been following me on Facebook and Instagram (really? You aren't following me on the social media?),you should know I'm apart of a new organization called, The Blogger Girls! The Blogger are a group of bloggers who collaborate to bring you workshops and events intended to connect Nashville's creative community. Kendra, from, Alicia from, and myself are working together to create wonderful opportunities for connections. Bloggers, models, photographers, artists, and stylish influencers - we are here to connect you . . . to each other!

We decided to host a pre-Nashville Fashion Week event intended to connect you with the movers and shakers in the Nashville creative community. CREATE.CONNECT. is an opportunity for YOU to get out here - meet people who can help you move you forward with your blog, your event, or your creative projects. Just in time for the event, The Blogger Girls did a photoshoot to introduce us to YOU! Take a look!

March 19, 2015

OOTD: Tulle Little, Too Late

OOTD: Tulle Little, Too Late
Hey! It's the first day of spring! And even though my cousins in the northeast are experiencing a heavy dose of snow, Tennessee is living the good life. I thought I'd create this look to help you transition to the warmer weather.

Of course as spring is making it's way we will still have cloudy and cool days. So, make sure to import some of those winter weather/textured items into the mix. This ribbed short-sleeve crop top is a good example of a transitional piece. As well as this denim jacket, it's an important part of your transition wardrobe. On my last MY STYLE post, I stressed the importance of having some denim to help you between seasons. Want the details on this look, click the photo for shopping info.

Would you rock this look for spring? This would be cute look to rock during Nashville Fashion Week, specially during the outside show. Hmm . . . have your purchased your ticket?

REVIEW: Favorite Times from Nashville Fashion Week - 2010-2014

Nashville Fashion Week, 2014, Art District Show
With the folks over at Nashville Fashion Week dropping these HUGE announcements (Nigel Barker & Fern Malis coming - EEK!), the excitement is growing for the city's most exciting fashion event.  I can say, if you love fashion and you live in Nashville, you REALLY should get a ticket to Nashville Fashion Week. Even if it's just for one night, I think you'd be proud of what the city has to offer.

It's always fun when you pick up your media credentials! You know it's official!
I've covered Nashville Fashion Week (NFW) every since it's inception - 2010! I have TONS of photos from the past five years, so I thought I'd share some today. This is a one man show over here on Fab Glance, so I do it all. During NFW, you can always see me, all six feet of me, standing near the photo pit with my iphone AND my camera, taking photos.Click the link below for more photo fun: