January 20, 2017

So Hard to Say Goodbye: The Obama's

Well, the last eight years have been great. We've seen a White House that was filled with some of the kindest, graceful, classy, and tolerant people the nation has ever seen. The Obama's brought a level of sophistication and service to the White House that hadn't been seen in a while. I can only hope The 45 gets his mind right and tries to be better than the rhetoric that he's been spitting. But this ain't about him, this is about Barack and Michelle Obama's amazing-ness.

Below, I've post 30 photos of the Obama's looking their best! The photos are in no particular order. This is just a vanity post adding to the fabric of a couple that sacrificed eight years of their life for a country that was sometimes quite ungrateful. Mr. & Mrs Obama (and Sasha & Malia) I want to say, "Thank You!" for your service. You didn't have to do it, but you did. The seeds you've planted will bloom far after your gone. I have faith in the heart of humanity!

January 19, 2017

MY STYLE: Future Forward with Runway Boutique

Having faith that my future will be bright, despite the challenges. Glasses from Runway Boutique

As we sit on the eve of the arrival of the new President, I can only feel the air tinged with angst, anxiety, fear. and anger. I'm not going to sit here and say I'm not concerned about the future. Among all the personal things we deal with, having to worry about the qualification of the Leader of the Free World should be last on our list. That's why, I am deciding to face the future fearlessly.

January 16, 2017

#OutfitoftheWeek: Velvet Dreams

#OutfitoftheWeek: Velvet Dreams
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Oh Snap! When I saw this Vetements Velvet Blazer on Polyvore I knew I had to do something with it. Y'all I'm obsessed with velvet! I'm so mad I haven't found a plus-size velvet look that I like. But when I find one, you know I'm gonna rock it. Anyway, let this velvet edgy chic look inspire you to add some velvet to your life! Check out the plus-size looks I pulled around the internet world? Would you rock these:

January 12, 2017

Riders By Lee - Style Challenge

I was so excited to be contacted by the Rider by Lee jeans team! The Riders by Lee team wanted me to show you how to style their amazingly affordable jeans. Of course I had to hook y'all up! I came up with three ways to style my boot-cut jeans. Let me tell you, I was really surprised by the fit! I carry my weight in my hips & thighs, I thought for sure these jeans weren't gonna look good. Riders by Lee proved me wrong.

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