February 10, 2016

MY STYLE: Love me like XO . . .

"We don't have forever 
Baby daylight's wasting 
You better kiss me 
Before our time is run out" - XO, Beyonce
This time last year I was sharing texts messages and Facetime appointments with my boyfriend. Now, deceased, Drew was the first guy I celebrated Valentine's Day with. We didn't get a chance to see each other, in person, on the actual day because Drew was sick. I didn't know but what we thought was a random stomach bug, would be the beginning of a span of illnesses that would cause him to pass away. Needless to say, this Valentine's Day will be bittersweet.

RENT THE RUNWAY: 3 for 1 Valentine's Day Rentals

*This is a sponsored post with affiliate links*
Just in time for Valentine's Weekend (which happens to be a three day weekend for some) Rent the Runway is offering my readers a three-for-one special on their most date-worthy dresses! Use the code '3FOR1VDAY16' to get three dresses. That's right, you can get three dresses for the price of one - just make sure you book your delivery date on/before February 13! I love Rent The Runway!
I've rented from Rent The Runway in the past and I'm more than pleased. The process is so easy! You rent the size you need with options to rent a second size, just in case. Once you're done, send the dress back; postage free, worry free. Oh yeah, Rent the Runway has plenty of plus-size styles, so you don't have to worry.

#FabHistoryMonth: Misty Copeland, Ballerina

Misty Copeland is a national treasure! Listen! This 5'2" ballerina has used her talent and hard work to break so many barriers. A couple years ago, Copeland, was promoted to PRINCIPLE ballerina at The American Ballet Theatre (ABT). Listen, it's a big deal. She was the first African-American to EVER hold this position in 75 years!

Among that, Copeland has a bunch of other accolades that need to be recognized. Click below to learn some great facts about this amazingly beautiful dancer.

#FabHistoryMonth: Cam Newton, Athlete

I'm not gonna front and act like I'm the worlds biggest football fan. I'm not. I cheer for my home team (The Patriots) but never watch any games. I never know who's in the Super Bowl until like, the week before the Super Bowl. I usually know players by seeing them in GQ or Esquire. So, I knew Cam Newton's style before I knew about his game stats

But, I had to choose Cam for today #FabHistoryMonth spotlight because he's so stylish and so BLACK! He's proud of what he does and has good reason to be. At 6'5" and 245lbs, this man has a body that can only be seen as god-like. His proportions are perfection so clothes are one of the keys to his success.