November 23, 2014

#OOTD: What to Wear for Thanksgiving 2014

What do you wear on Thanksgiving if you're: The Host, the visitor, or just chilling at the house? You know I had to hook you up with some outfit inspiration. Below are several looks to guide you in the right direction. From fun to flirty, you should be able to pull a fab look from your closet.  

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#OOTD: Happy Hostess

THE HOSTESS: This year, Thanksgiving is at your house! You are a bunch of nerves, Pinterest ideas, and a little bit of wine. Don't fret, your dinner will be DELICIOUS! The look is for the perfect hostess. Add the cute apron for final prep work and no one will ever know you had a breakdown because the potatoes were lumpy! LOL!

#OOTD: I'm Invited

THE VISITOR: You don't cook, you're cooked for! You've been invited to dinner at several friend's homes and you will be collecting plates. Keep your look casual, comfy, and cute, with these luxe designer touches. Grab a cup of Starbucks to keep you hydrated - there's a lot of turkey to eat out there!

  #OOTD: Welcome Home!

WELCOME HOME: Fresh from college and dorm room ramen, the only thing on your mind is your mom's dressing and your auntie's poundcake! This cute and cozy outfit is just the spirit for eating big and lounging around afterward. If it's cold where you live, substitute or add a pair of leggings to this look. Cute!

#OOTD: Meet the Parents

MEET THE PARENTS: Your boyfriend has decided that it's time to meet the parents, and on THANKSGIVING! Show them your guy made the right choice by wearing this stylish yet comfortable look. No need to rock stilettos - keep it simple with this dressy bootie and cute accessories. You'll be his mom's fave in no time!

Have an awesome Thanksgiving! Don't sweat the small stuff - just enjoy life!

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November 20, 2014

MY STYLE: Couture for Thanksgiving!

Skirt custom made by Charles Lord Couture, Nashville, TN. Shot by Toni Denisa
 Do you smell the Turkey and dressing in the air? Thanksgiving is COMING! As I finish my fall style series I had to end this series with these gorgeous photos celebrating the beauty of the colors of fall. Shooting in the Berry Hill location was just LOVELY and I know I'll shoot their again. So let's get into this lovely look that's just right for the Thanksgiving holiday.

November 14, 2014

#OOTD: Mickey Mania

#OOTD: Mickey Mania

We are coming up on the comfy days of winter. C'mon sweaters, comfortable pants, shopping shoes, and snuggling weather. I thought this cute outfit would be the perfect for those long holiday shopping trips our traveling for winter break. I love the perfect mix of high and low priced pieces.

What anchors this look is the cutest Mickey Mouse sweatshirt from! Everyone one needs this iconic guy in their wardrobe. Add to this look: cute socks from Forever 21, an on trend bookbag from Alexander Wang, jeans from H&M, and a classic pair of Chuck Taylor Converse. Everything you need to look cute and comfy during this chilly holiday season.

What are your fave comfy clothes to wear during the cold months? Let's discuss in the comments section!

November 13, 2014

MY STYLE: Oh boy! Graphic sweaters for Fall/Winter

This week's style spotlight is the perfect way to ease into this sudden winter weather! Whoa, is it as cold where you are as it is in Nashville?! That's why this CUTE sweater was the best thing to wear during this artic chill.