June 13, 2013

Fashion Forum: Sandals for Men (Mandals)

Pictured above is the FAIL category for men's sandals. Men please step away from the TEVA all-purpose sandal, the Birkenstock, the hiking sandal (who hikes in sandals????) and the go to toddler style (upper right). Those styles just make you look dated, unfashionable, and females are laughing at you.

Hey Fab Readers! (REPOST FROM '09)

Ok, lets be real, the {fashion} controversy of men's sandals has always been a hot topic. Men just don't have good luck when it comes to stylish choices for sandals. Some guys get it, they know what sandal style works for them, and some guys do not get it and the walk around looking crazy with very ugly sandals on. Well, I'm here to help.

First off - before you put your foot in a sandal PLEASE GET A PEDICURE!!!! Guys, you want you lady's feet looking good, right? Well, we expect the same from you. You don't have to do the clear polish, but let the nail tech get the calluses and dead skin off your feet so you can look smooth when you step out. Once a month is a good deal for most guys (if you play sports, you 2x per month).

Below are some options for you. Remember, just like dress shoes, you have to buy different styles to get you through the summer season. One pair of sandals does not the summer make! There are three major events you should think about when you buy sandals. These are typically the places you will spend your summer and you will want your feet looking fly:

  • The Summer Concert
  • The BBQ
  • The Beach/Pool

The Summer Concert

  • Looks like a dress shoe with vented sides.
  • Good to wear with linen suits.
  • Stay away from BIG BUCKLES, too much thickness in the sole, random colors (no WHITE, pink, or blue), any sandal made by Stacey Adams.

Cole Haan

The Beach/Pool Side

  • Now you can wear your flip-flops
  • Athletic slides are very sturdy and safe for beach wear/tear
  • Try different colors to match swimming trunks
  • Affordable

Polo Ralph Lauren



  • Slide in sandals work best - good for wearing all day

  • Good leather upper

  • Rubberized sole to wear on grassy areas

  • Looks good with cargo shorts, button-down shirts, and straw fedora.

Dolce Gabbana

Steve Madden

Okay guys, I hope this helps. Lastly, please do not wear socks with your sandals. No matter how old you are, this just looks unattractive. It will take about 5 minutes to take your socks off, put some lotion on, and step out on the scene. I guarantee, the ladies will thank you!
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