March 10, 2011

THURSDAY'S SHOE: Betsey Johnson Animal Print Combat Boot

Currently out-of-stock on Betsey Johnson's website, these Animal Print Combat boots are so fly I couldn't resist posting them on the blog. Look at them, they are the perfect brownish color, perfect looking 'wear and tear' appearance, and this leopard print insole is just so FAB! I think this is the first pair of Betsey Johnson shoes I've featured on the blog. Oh, did you know that BETSEY JOHNSON will present at Nashville Fashion Week? Yup, it's true. More info coming soon.

Back to the shoes - - - -You know that combat boots are gonna be a big trend for the spring. It's a great transition shoe, being that we've been having these rainy days sprinkled throughout the week. In addition, you can wear these with jeans, skirts, and even, casual dresses. Look at the set I created below. It's a perfect spring set because you can peel off the layers as the day gets warmer.

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