May 5, 2011

THURSDAY'S SHOE: Steve Madden WILLD Floral Wedge

Don't these shoes scream bohemian spring! I love the pattern. I chose these shows in honor of Steve Madden visiting Nashville on Saturday, May 7, at Dillard's in the Cool Springs Galleria. This is the Steve Madden WILLD Floral Wedge. I've always loved Steve Madden shoes, and I love a wedge heel. Wearing a wedge allows you to rock a high heel with a bit more comfort than wearing a skinny stiletto heeled shoe. Wedge heels give you a instant lift, specially when you wear this years newest trend, the Maxi Skirt, shown below.

Take a look at the set I created. This reminds of the first day at the Bonnaroo Festival. You know, before you get extremely sweaty, hot, and tired. Or, this could be a fly date outfit for an afternoon out with a new summer love. The possibilities are endless with the fly wedges.
Sunshine Wedge Love
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