May 12, 2011

THURSDAY'S SHOE: Michael Kors Carlie

This is one of those shoes that you hate or you love. If you hate it, it's understandable because there's a lot going on. There's buckles, and leather, and wood, and even a tie-up closure - all elements that are nice alone, but may seem cluttered to the regular eye. However, if you love this shoe, you love it for those reasons. So much stuff, so many ways to wear it. One day you could rock the shoe with jeans, the next day you can rock it shirt dress. The Michael Kors Carlie shoe is awesome great for transitioning from summer to fall. So you can get alot of wear with this shoe. I just love it. Click the link below for purchase info.

Check out my set below. I was, clearly, channeling Solange Knowles, the hippie chic sister of glamorista Beyonce. This is a cute outfit to wear to a summer concert or out on the town with friends. Love it!

Tribal Summer
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