June 13, 2011

MUSIC: Chris Brown feat SWV, "She Ain't You (Remix)"

If you haven't listened to Chris Brown's new project, F.A.M.E., you are missing out on a treat. Chris' voice is pristine and the songs are awesome. You can't listen to that album without having at least for favorites.

One of the gems on this album is the song "She Ain't You" which samples Michael Jackson's Human Nature. Some youngsters thought SWV's song was the original. So, with a wonderful twist, Chris Brown paired up with SWV for a remix of the MJ infused ballad. 

It's so nice to hear the ladies on a track. Word on the Internet streets is that SWV have begun working on a new project. If they tape a reality series of the making of their album, I might just go into shock - lol.

Anyway, take a listen to the track and tell us what you think.

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