July 12, 2011

SUMMER 101: The White T-Shirt

White Tee

As I washed clothes last night, I was amazed at the amount of white cotton t-shirts I owned. I have at least five of the same white fitted cotton t-shirts from Target: Two v-neck styles, and three standard round neck t-shirts, which I wear under blazers, sweaters, and sundresses. I have a white cotton shirt from Torrid that has ruffles on the front which I wear with skirts and jeans. I have the three hipster style stretched cotton t-shirts that fit nice and loose as if I stole it from my dad's closet. I have about eight versions of white tank tops that are staples in my closet, don't know what I'd do without those. And don't get me started about the amount of regular, yet fly, t-shirts I've amassed from various walks, foundations, and athletic events. Dang, I have alot of t-shirts.

My point - always stock your closet with white cotton t-shirts. As a stylist and wardrobe editor this is one of the first items I ask my clients to purchase. White cotton t-shirts stretch your wardrobe in ways you wouldn't imagine.
  • For example, keep a couple plain white tees in your desk at work. They turn a boring work suit into a fly casual going out ensemble.
  • White t-shirts look great with tons of necklaces piled on top. Everyone will think your chic, you'll just know it was easy.
  • Purchase a package of mens a-line tee shirts (aka 'wife-beaters') to layer underneath jackets, blazers, and sundresses that may be too revealing. This adds a quick, yet modest look to your outfit. Plus they're a lot cheaper than camisoles.
  • White t-shirts work well in any season, as layer pieces during cool fall days, or light outfit fixers for hot summer days.
As you can see this is not just a SUMMER 101 topic, this is a WARDROBE 101 topic. White t-shirts are your best friend. When you find a style you like buy two or more pieces. You won't regret it.
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