July 14, 2011

THURSDAY'S SHOE: ASOS Malcolm Suede Oxford

This week's shoe selection is about all my favorite things. This is the ASOS Malcolm Suede Oxford. First up, I told you all about Oxford flats being the hot 'ish back in 2008 - so get up on a pair! Next up, I told y'all you can rock suede in the summer, specially when the suede comes in this yummy color. Lastly, since I'm six feet tall, flats are my favorite type of shoe - hands down.With that being said, do I have to ask you how fly these shoes are?! So fly! Check the purchase info below

Now let's get to the outfit inspiration. Over on my Tumblr account, I follow alot of fashion and style blogs. My favorite site is a tumblr called BLACK FASHION. Check them out. They blog all the hot young thangs walking around in a city near you. The pictures they post show a side of fashion that is very current, relevant, and ever-changing. It's thrifty/vintage mixed with high fashion sensiblities of balance and style. I love that blog. So I designed a set inspired by the pictures posted on the BLACK FASHION tumblr. Check it out! Don't ever be afraid to try a new style, this one is comfy and fly.

Walking with Sunshine

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