October 20, 2011

FALL 101: The return of the plaid shirt

Hola peoples! I'm back again with more style trends. I'm gonna have to deem this season, The Season of the Return. All these trends from the 90's are floating back on the radar. Last week I told you about quirky sweaters, now we take a nod from or fashion friends in Seattle and Portland and we bring back the plaid flannel (or not) shirt. Guys, plaid is back!

The good thing about a re-deaux, is the obvious updates in cute, color, and styling. Back in the 90's you had to find a mens shirt and hope that ir was cut in a way that wouldn't smash your boobs or make you look extra wide. Now, more ladies designers are having fun with plaid (see below).

I've seen waist length to tunic length shirts. I've seen hot pink to midnight blue. And, I've felt the heaviest flannel fabrics and the lightest, softest cotton. Believe me, there's lots to choose from. Plus, plaid shirts are super comfy, great for layering under blazers and quirky sweaters, and look great with skinny jeans and boots. Seems like a good look to me. Click the picture below for purchase info!

Plaid Rage

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