November 6, 2011

CELEBEAUTY: Singer, Adele, covers Cosmo with beauty and grace

Adele covers Cosmopolitan's December issue. The stylists and fashionistas are buzzing because the beautiful, yet plus-sized, singer is actually shown in a full-body pose. Most plus-sized stars are rarely featured on covers and when they are featured, it's just a headshot.You know how the fashion world has such size prejudice. I can't wait for the day when advertisers (because that's what it all about) can look past their various discrminations, and show people see the variety of beauty which exists in the world. However, this is another positive step forward. Now let's talk about the fashion shall we?

Adele is wearing a modified version of Dolce & Gabbana's leopard print dress. You already know how I feel about leopard print, so I'm all for this look. In addition, I'm loving the ruched waist of this dress. This style will help you have that hourglass look most women dream about.

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