November 6, 2011

MUSIC & Style: T-Pain, 5 o'clock

Have you heard T-Pain's new song, 5 O'clock, featuring Lily Allen and Wiz Khalifa? It's the! When I first heard this new song, which is light on auto-tune, and heavy on content, I was impressed. I got home and asked my roommate if she liked the song. She agreed, and then told me, the video was even better.When I saw the video, I was even more impressed. I'll tell you why.

T-Pain has never been the most stylish person in the industry. Actually, he kinda looks dirty, all the time. Every red carpet he's shown up on, has him sporting too much gold and diamonds, and looking generally overdone and gaudy (above). The video for 5 O'clock shows us a toned down T-Pain. He sports a tailored trench coat, fitting jeans, and an interesting sweater. His locs are braided in a cornrow style, while he wears some really cool nerd style tortoise shell glasses. .

Dare I say T-Pain looks . . .stylish? I need to know who styled this video. Whoever he/she is deserves a medal of honor for their service. You don't believe me, take a look for yourself:

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