November 13, 2011

TREND ALERT: Feather Earrings have died - Tassel Earrings have arrived

Oh boy, this is hard to type. I know so many ladies who are gonna send me hate tweets because of this message but ladies . . . Feather earrings have died. I'll allow a moment of silence.Alright, moment is over! Ladies, this trend killed itself!

At first it was a hip lil style that all the cool girls wore. It was a bit rock star, a bit indie, and alot trendy. There were feather earringa and hair extentions. By the time the summer hit, even lil kids were rocking feather earrings. And that, my friends, is when I know a trend has hit it's limit. When the trend crosses the gernerational gap, but not in a good way - more of a played/comedic way, then I know it's time for us fly girls to let that trend go.

Problem is, I continue to see some very fly feather earring designs still being made. And even though I'm declaring the death of feather earrings, if you think you can rock them, be my guest. Let's move on . . .

If you are on board for change, check out the newest trend coming up the pike . . .TASSEL earrings! I'm in love with tassel earrings. Tassel earrings have the same appeal as feather earrings, due to the length and color variations. However, tassel earrings can come in way more materials, price points, and lengths. Tassel earrings weigh more, so they don't get caught in you hair when the wind blows. Plus, the heavy metal accents look so fly with this Fall's latest styles.

So make sure to add some tassels in your life. Take a look at the choices below:
Tassel Trend

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