January 18, 2012

MODEL BEHAVIOR: Riahnna's new Emporio Armani ad brings out Rhi-Rhi's softer side

You know, Rhianna is the official spokesperson of Emporio Armani Underwear. Rhianna's a pretty girl but lately, she's been on her bad girl persona.

Recently parted ways with her wardrobe stylist Mareil Henn and her hairstylist Ursala Stephens - the team responsible for her looks from Umbrella/Good Girl Gone Bad days. Now she's got a this euro-punk rock emo look going on. It's not my fave, but she'll grow out of it. That's why I was surprised by her current Emporio Armani ad. She looks so soft, feminine, and approachable.

This ad campaign really sells the clothes. Rhianna's look bring a sophisticated edge to the Emporio Armani brand. Take a look:

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