February 3, 2012

TREND ALERT: Striped body-con skirt is DEAD

As many new trends are coming out, for some it's time to give it a rest.

Last year, the stripped body-con skirt was a rage in Nashville. Every event I attended, I could see at at least one girl wearing this skirt. Some wore it well, while others . . . ehh, not so much. By the time the fall came, and girls were STILL rocking this skirt,  I knew I needed to kill this trend before summer returned.

Ladies, it's easy to see why you like this skirt. It's convenient and can be worn several ways from casual to dressy, from preppy to urban -  it's a 'round the way skirt. Another reason why so many ladies love this skirt is because it's inexpensive. Forever 21 sells a version of this skirt for $12.80! I saw a version of this skirt for $15 at Target. A cool skirt, for under $20! The last reason why everyone loves this skirt is because it looks great on various figures. From plus-size to super slim, this skirt seemed to fit all ladies. These are the reasons why everyone and their grandma was buying it.

An that is precisely the reason why it's time to give it a rest - when the market becomes over-saturated, interest decreases. I'd hate for my readers to look like everyone else, so this spring, try mixing it up.

Look at these cool skirts below. Mini-skirts are still in, but try a solid color. Maxi-skirts are still in, but try one with some textured pleats. Oh yeah, the newest skirt trend is midi-length skirts - skirts that hit your mid calf a rage in the UK last summer, finally hitting the US streets.

Try one of these styles while I lay the stripped body-con skirt to rest - it had a good run!

Spring/Summer Skirts

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