March 13, 2012

TREND ALERT: Hair Chain Jewelry

Kim Kardashian sports hair jewelry from her Belle Noel collection
Of course I have to report on what's hot in the streets - I gotta keep my people in 'the know'. I don't know if you noticed but hair jewelry is a big trend this spring/summer. Last year it was all about long and/or big hair. Now that all the fashionistas have grown their hair (or bought extentions - lol) it's time to adorn those tresses.

I spotted this trend on Kim & Khourtney Take New York. Kim was scene wearing a sleek ponytail adorned with a tri-level hair chain. I instantly fell in love. Say what you want about those Kardashain sisters, but the do have style. Anyway, I started seeing hair chains pop up in magazines as well as other style blogs.

The sparkling yet eclectic style is a mix of middle-eastern glamour and 1930's elegance. While last year was all about headbands and facinators, this year is all about hair adornments.

Bridal Headband available on ETSY
So, you wanna buy a hair chain? The best place to go is Put 'hair chain'  in the search box and get to purchasing. 

Oh yeah, you don't have to have straight hair to wear your hair chain. Wavy, curly, even afro textures look great with a bit of sparkly jewelry added to the mix. 

Nicole Richie rocks a hair chain

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