May 1, 2012

MODEL BEHVIOUR: H&M uses a plus-size model to represent their swimwear line

Plus-size model, Vicky P, for H&M

Well isn't this nice!? H&M decided to use a plus-size model for their swimwear campaign. If you don't know anything about fashion, you should know that there is a constant war between the plus-size (sizes 10-28) and straight-size (sizes 00-8) camps. If you look online, you'll notice a surge in designers using more 'normal' sized women in their catalogs and (sometimes, for fun) in their runway shows. But to have an international campaign, targeted toward all body types, is somewhat groundbreaking. noted that more retailers are asking for plus-size models in order to appeal to the modern women. The article sites that the average size of women in the UK is 14 (US size 12). This means more consumers want to see women that look like them, which will encourage that consumer to buy more product from the retailer.

I'm excited to see this shift in advertising. Hopefully, this will encourage a new generation of women to embrace healthy body-types no matter what the size. GO H&M!

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