May 18, 2012

THE SHOE: Payless Brash Jupiter Platform

Being a person who has a hard to size foot, Payless has been my friend on plenty of occasions, I can't front. I'm not afraid to rock some low-end fashion. Some would frown at the thought, but I don't. my main concern is making sure the item is a quality product. If the shoe, accessory, or clothing item can last me 6-12 months and I spend less than $50, then I'm down.

So, when I came across these color-block platform sandals my delight was peaked. This sandal by Brash for Payless comes in my favorite color combo, up to a size 12, and even has wide sizes! How convenient.

Now let's get to the outfit! A shoe like this needs a classic look.  I thought a pair of wide leg jeans, classic white button down shirt, and lots of pops if color would make this outfit the business. This is casual Friday!! 

Click HERE to purchase anything from this set

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