June 5, 2012

TREND ALERT: Giuseppe Zanotti is the new hot shoe!

Guiseppe Zanottie has been designing shoes since 1999. However, his shoe designs have been gaining popularity in the last five years. Guiseppe is known for his sky high heels and vibrant color pallets. Lately I've seen the celebs rocking Guiseppe's quite often. I started thinking, "Are Guiseppe Zanotti's gaining more popularity than Louboutins?" Oh My!

Lauryn Hill rocked this design at the recent Summer Jam Concert

I'm gonna go on record with saying, "Yes!" and I'm happy about it. It's not like I'm hating on Louboutin shoes, but they were becoming a bit common. Every starlet, reality housewife, and wanna be were starting to wear Loubotins. I hate when an awesome shoe gets watered down. That's why I am happy to see another contestant in the high-price shoe game.

Kanye West + Guiseppe Zannotti for Donda West Spring 2012
Guiseppe is coming out swinging! Since opening his first boutique in 2000, the shoe designer has boutiques all over the world. He's collaborated with tons of other designers and even made a superstar connection with  new designer/hip-hop superstar, Kanye West (shoes seen above). These designs have clearly caught the eye of the ladies, and Guiseppe's stock is rising.

Snappy designs are definitly what separate Zanotti from the pack. His designs appeal to the senses. Thse sky-high heel heights are not for the timid. Zanotti was the one of the first designers to perfect the now popular heel-less pump. If you can handle it - walk on sisiter!

Guiseppe Zanotti and the popular 'heel-less' design

Check out Guiseppe Zanotti online at the official website:

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