June 26, 2012

THE TREND: Bracelets - stacks on stacks on stacks

This is a trend I spotted back in the fall, but it's made strong head way this summer. Bracelets are the newest hottest trend for the year. The reason I didn't post in the fall was the trend was more organic and folksy. People weren't mixing materials like they are mixing now. As you see, a statement watch, an oldschool friendship bracelet, and a gold bangle will have your wrists looking RIGHT!

Stacked friendship bracelets - purchase HERE
 What I LOVE about this trend is that you can mix and match bracelets to suit your style. Boho chic, glamour girl, tribal, or sporty-glam, you can find a bracelet combo to suit your fancy. Oh yeah, the bracelet trend is also awesome because it's price appropriate. 

You can take the easy route, making your own designs, or you can purchase from a retailer. Precious metals, gems, silk strings, and pretty stones are avaialble in affordable styles. 

Below are some of my favorite jewelry designers who make a focus on orginal designs and bracelets. They are independent designers and have quality products. Make sure to give them a try when you start your bracelet collection!
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