July 9, 2012

DISCUSSION: I hate the heel-less shoe trend!

Guiseppi Zanotti

So, I'm sure you spotted these shoes on the celebs, or maybe you own a pair. Heel-less shoes are the ultimate fashion trend for 2012. Not new to the industry, heel-less shoes have been around since the 90's but recently designers like Guiseppi Zanotti, Jeffrey Campbell, and Marc Jacobs were amoung the first to bring the trend to the it's hieghtened popularity.

Victoria Beckham in 2008
One look at the stunning trend and my first thought is . . . "How do you walk in those things!" Well, most who own a pair liken their walking ability to walking on the tip-toes. By egineering standards, it's easy to see the support of the shoe comes from an utra-thick arch support. It not impossible, but it sure ain't easy. You'd definitely need someone to hold on to after a couple sips of your favorite liqour!

The reason why I hate the trend; it's just unattractive! All the designers have assembled awesome designs. Like the one above I've seen sparkles, crystals, leather patchwork, velvet, sherbert colors, studs, and buckles - the design options are endless. However, the end result leaves the wearer looking like they have a horse hoof!

YOU KNOW I'M NOT LYING! LOL! While I appreciate the creativity, I'm not in love with the aesthetic. You can keep this trend. I'm not a fan.

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