August 31, 2012

THE SHOE: Giuseppe Zanotti Leopard Wedge Sneaker

Ok, so I might be a a little addicted to Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. Now, I don't own a pair, and I doubt he makes any in my size (12 Woman, I ain't shamed) but that's not gonna stop me from falling in love everytime I see a new pair. Maybe one day, I'll be famous enough to purchase a pair of special made size 12 Giuseppe's.

Anyway, let's get to today's shoe. I decided to choose this wedge sneaker as cool piece for fall transition. It's a summer trend in a fall color. The Giuseppe Zanotti wedge sneaker in Leopard is the perfect wedge sneaker to add to you collection because you can wear it as a casual piece or (if you are daring) you can add them to a pair of tights and cute skirt for fall. If I'm gonna spend $900 on a pair of sneakers, they better be interchangeable!

Let's get to this week's outfit. I didn't know if I wanted to style this a the 'college girl on the go' or the 'chic 3-day weekend' outfit. Either way I love it! With temps dropping (slightly) I can feel the tingle of fall coming. During this transition it's important to start wearing summer's cuts in fall's colors. So, you aren't hot but visually, you look more like fall. Click the picture for purchase info.

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