May 29, 2012

Summer 101: Maxi Dresses are still IN - with a twist!

Collared Lace Maxi from F21
I'm happy to report that the maxi dress is BACK for summer 2012! Yup! Ladies everywhere need to rejoice. This summer staple is back with a vengeance and adding some twists to up it's trend factor. Let's get into it!

Why is the maxi-dress so popular? Well, it's super versatile and looks good on almost every body type. From plus to petite, the right maxi-dress will give you definite WOW factor at the next summer outing.
Striped Neon Hi/Lo Maxi dress from F21
The maxi-dress for 2012 is all about color and versatility. Take a look at the dresses shown. The first dress incorporates the lace trend. The middle dress incorporates the nautical trend AND the hi/lo trend (which I LOOVE).The last dress is all about color blocking and check out the modified tank design - quite nice!

So, when looking for a maxi-dress for 2012, make sure the one you choose has some of our favorite summer trends: lace, neon, color blocking, or nautical designs. You like these dresses, click the links below the pics for purchase info.

Color-block Maxi from ASOS

THE IMAGE: Summer Style

The moment I saw this picture, I fell in love. All the elements of great style are in this photo: on trend floral prints, on trend neon accessories, and the fashion-girl top knot! Doesn't this photo just give you LIFE!? Well , I gave me life! Oh, you gotta know, I will try my best to duplicate this image in the near future . . . hmmm . . . I do have a birthday coming up!

LINK LOVE: Take proper care of your clothes!

As some of you know, I have a spot over on Tumblr called "Cupcakes, Clothes, & Convo" - check it out sometime. Having the Tumblr, it's easy for me to come across awesome articles about designers, clothes, and trends. My new favorite Tumblr blog is called, Adulting. It's not what you think. The author gives out daily tips on how to be a better adult - lol

You know how, someday, you feel like who let you be in charge, you don't even know how to fold a fitted sheet. LOL. Well on Adulting the author answers and gives suggestions for all your daunting adult chores.

My favorite post so far is called, "Take Proper Care of Your Clothes" and it gives 9 tips on how to take care of your clothes.As a fashion blogger, I have to admit, I'm not the best at taking care of my clothes. I have several pairs of shoes that need polishing and a gang of sweaters that need to be folded gently and put way for the fall. Le Sigh!

My favorite tip: Do not put those clothes “with 3% spandex” in the dryer. The heat will break down the spandex, and your garment will soon look like a rag. Not the first time, but the 15th time, you will wonder why you bought it.

May 23, 2012

TREND ALERT: Wedge Sneakers?

I'm catching you up on all the trends this month so stay tuned. Today, its all about merging high fashion with sportswear. The wedge sneaker is making a comeback and it's coming back with a vengeance. High and low end designers are creating looks for this spring/summer season.

The essence of the wedge sneaker is the hidden wedge lift that is hidden in the sneaker's design. That is what distinguishes the new designs from the old 1990's Spice Girls versions. This year's wedge sneaker is meant to be worn with jeans as well as dresses. Even blogger, Gabifresh, rocked a pair of Marc By Marc Jacobs wedge sneakers with a cute summer dress.

So, I'm not totally in love with wedge sneakers, but I am intrigued by their comfort, wear-ability, and trendiness. I might have to get the fuchsia pair on the bottom row. If I do, I'll make sure to let you know.

Tell me, are you loving wedge sneakers?

May 22, 2012


Yeah, you see it, D'angelo is on the comeback. In the latest issue of GQ Magazine, the singer is spotted looking dapper in a fitted suit, loose hair, and slightly aged yet  handsome face.

If you followed D'angelo's career like I followed, you know he's had some bad times and obstacles in the past. I remember reading an article citing D'angelo as saying he wasn't quite ready for all the fame that would come from releasing the Untitled . . . How Does it Feel video. Now, I don't know what D'angleo thought was gonna happen when he released a video with him all half-naked and muscular, but, I digress. D'angelo and the video's director insist the video wasn't about sex but about the transparency he felt after experiencing his grandmother's cooking.  Nevertheless, after that album, D'angelo caught some legal woes, a couple of pounds, and two re-hab visits. Many thought the artist would never come back.

Let's hope the soul crooner has a better hold on this celeb-reality and can give us another legendary album. Word on the street is that he's on the new Jay-Z Made in the USA Music Festival. (source)

May 21, 2012

THE IMAGE: It's wedding season!

I'm loving this new series, which I've called "The Image". It's fun to share my favorite fashion photos with you, my favorite readers.

Today's image shows a diamond encrusted wedding gown. The photo, above, just gives the viewer a serene look at the moments before a woman becomes a wife. It's that perfect image that women chase once the ring is placed on her finger. It's the idea that if we can stay, right here, in this moment, everything will be ok. The dress, one of the most important dresses a woman can wear, says so much at just the right time: "I'm happy, I'm here, and I'm ready."

Happy Wedding Season fashionistas!

May 20, 2012

Celebeauty: Brandy and Alicia Keys shine on Billboard Carpet

The Billboard Music Awards for 2012 were a snooze-fest. I came into the show abt 45 minutes late but what I did get to see did not hold my interest.

However, I'm here to talk abt the clothes! Among all the white carpet arrivals I scrolled through, Alicia Keys and Brandy stood out. These ladies look GOOD! Brandy is stepping up her wig and make-up game and I'm happy abt it. And, Alicia Keys hair and makeup were flawless; the dress, not so much. Take a look and tell me what you think.

May 18, 2012

EVENT: Lovenoise Sundays is BACK!

If you've been around Nashville for sometime you have to remember when Lovenoise ruled Sunday nights. Each Synday, guests could look forward to a mature crowd, listening to Neo-soul music, and waiting for the newest poet to drop the flyest piece.

Well, just in time for the summer, Lovenoise Sunday returns to Jazz & Jokes. Come out to Lovenoise this weekend. The event always promises to be fly!! Check the flyer below:

THE SHOE: Payless Brash Jupiter Platform

Being a person who has a hard to size foot, Payless has been my friend on plenty of occasions, I can't front. I'm not afraid to rock some low-end fashion. Some would frown at the thought, but I don't. my main concern is making sure the item is a quality product. If the shoe, accessory, or clothing item can last me 6-12 months and I spend less than $50, then I'm down.

So, when I came across these color-block platform sandals my delight was peaked. This sandal by Brash for Payless comes in my favorite color combo, up to a size 12, and even has wide sizes! How convenient.

Now let's get to the outfit! A shoe like this needs a classic look.  I thought a pair of wide leg jeans, classic white button down shirt, and lots of pops if color would make this outfit the business. This is casual Friday!! 

Click HERE to purchase anything from this set

May 16, 2012

EVENT: Dress Barn Re-Opens in Opry Mills - 20% off coupon!

Click the picture to print and use
Tomorrow, May 17th, from 7pm-9pm, Dress Barn in Opry Mills mall is hosting a VIP shopping event. We're talking an exclusive night of great fashions (with savings, of course), refreshments, goodie bags and some extra surprises.

Never shopped at Dress Barn? Think it's too old for your taste? Well, I'm here to tell you that Dress Barn is one of retail's best kept secrets. I get many of my cute/casual summer dresses. So many times people will give me compliments and ask, where I brought my dress. A surprised look comes when I tell them, "Dress Barn". 

Another reason I like Dress Barn is because the store carries specialty sizing: Petite, Plus, and Misses. The sections are displayed nicely making your size easy to find.

And, lets not mention the great value. Dress Barn is one of those stores that sells the trends for less. That way, if you don't like it, you don't lose much sleep because you didn't spend too much.

So, join us tomorrow for the VIP Shopping Affair at the Opry Mills mall. If you haven't visited the newly remodeled mall, you are in for a treat! See you there!

FASHION DISCUSSION: It's time to clean out those closets!

Well, Spring is finally here and this is the perfect time to clean out your closets. Yup, I said it, clean out those closets! . As a wardrobe stylist and a closet re-organizer, I help people rid themselves of old clothes, shoes, and accessories in order to help them pinpoint their style and assess their fashion development. So, I thought I give you some quick tips on cleaning out those closets. Let's get into it:

Did you lose/gain  weight? Inevitably our bodies are gonna change as we get older. Losing and gaining weight is a natural process. Once you've settled at a weight and you are not preparing to do some drastic gain/loss plan it's time for you to get rid of those old clothes.

Ladies and gents, do NOT hold on to clothes in hopes of fitting back into them. Most likely, when you return to your target weight, those clothes will be out of style and far off trend. You can look like your BEST at any size. Let go of those old clothes. Donate them to your local charity/thrift store.

Clothes with rips, stains, or tears - As I type, there's a wrap dress hanging in my closet. I love that dress. It was super affordable and I get so many compliments when I wear it. However, when I was moving, I spilled some bleach. A dollop of bleach got on my dress and it's pretty much ruined. I imagined taking a green sharpie over the stain, but, why? It's time to let it go.

If you have clothes in your closet/drawers with rips, stains, and tears (that were not on the item intentionally) then it's time to let it go. Chances are, you'll buy another 'favorite' item and you'll soon forget about your other item. Let it go, throw it in the garbage.

Unworn/New Clothes - Now, I'm sure you are thinking, "What? What is a closet for but if not to store new clothes?" Many times, we shop just like we eat: emotionally. But after while, the closet begins to fill with items that aren't necessary. This makes you feel like you have nothing to wear, when in fact you have nothing you WANT to wear.

Your closet should be a place of refuge, save for special event items and items of sentiment (wedding/prom dress or tux) if you have clothes in the closet that you haven't worn in two or more years, let it go. Clean out that closet. Make your closet a place of ease not angst.

Bad Memories - So many times we hold on to items because of a memory. Stumble upon an item that brings up a bad time, you can set yourself back a couple days. My brother once got bit by a dog. The dog ripped his pants leg but nothing happened to his really cool winter coat. For weeks, my mom tried to get him to wear that coat, but he wouldn't. Finally, he told her that the coat bought up the memory of being bit by the dog. She never asked him to wear the coat again.

Although that coat was basically new, on trend, and unused, the bad memory associated with the coat made the coat useless to my brother. If you have items in you closet that are marred by a bad memory, let it go. Cleaning out you closet is not only about cleansing your physical space, but cleansing your emotional space. Buy something new and make a new memory.

I hope these tips help you clean and orginize your closet. Still need help or some professional advice? Hire ME! I not only keep you up to date on the hottest trends and events in Nashville but I can help you update your wardrobe and clean your closet.

May 13, 2012

Trend Alert: Lace Shorts

Latest trend I'm loving? Lace shorts! Something about the dainty-ness of the design along with the girly-ness of the trend just makes it a favorite. It's like, you are fancy enough to wear lace but not too fancy to wear a full skirt or dress. These shorts are for-sure datenight shorts!

click here to purchase
Oh yeah, plus-size ladies, you can purchase a pair of lace shorts too! has a pair of cute lace shorts (shown above) for a great price. For my straight sized girls, has a great pair of lace shorts for less than $40! Check it:

click here to purchase
So, what;s your opinion? Are you feeling lace shorts for the summe?

THE IMAGE: Vintage Bathing Beauties

Can it be that it was all so simple then? This vintage image just speaks to me! These beauties weren't stick thin, but they were fit. Their bathing suits were modest but still had that sexiness that made the guys swoon. Oh yeah, get into their hair! LOVES IT!

So, with bathing suit season steadily approaching, I thought I'd use this image to talk about the resergence of the vintage bathing suit. High waist bikinis and sheath style suits are a great way to add variety to yiur swimsuit style.

Try this awesome website, for cute vintage suits!

May 11, 2012

What to Wear to the Iroquois Steeplechase 2012

Tomorrow is the 71st Annual Iroquois Steeplechase. Just like the Kentucky Derby, the Iroquois Steeplechase is the best place to be if you like hour racing, southern socialites, and charitable events. Percy Warner Park will host Steeplechase - which attracts more than 25,000 visitors. This event serves as the one of the major charity giving campaign for Monroe Carroll Jr. Children's Center at Vanderbilt Hospital.

This year, Fab Glance has been invited to the event. We will be there taking pictures of the lovely hats and superb spring dresses. As always I've rounded up my best styling skills to show you several fabulous outfit inspirations. I hope you enjoy and are inspired to look you best on race day!

Click here for purchase info
This outfit is for Ms. VIP. She's a Steeplechase regular, she donates money to the cause, and she has the swanky VIP box seats. Pass the Mint Juleps because this girl is ready to mingle with the big boys.

Click here to purchase
Ms. Hipster is here for the socializing with the regular people. She heard there's gonna be food-trucks, and she would be right. Her hat is no big deal but her trends are definitely on point. I think the hi-lo dress is my favorite part of this set.

Click here for purchase info
What? There's a race today and all my friends are gonna be there? Well, I'll see what I can pull together. And she did! This cute middriff baring sundress is wrinkle resistant! These flat sandals will provide the ultimate comfort while moving from tent to tent. Oh yeah, every well traveled lady has a couple good jewels in her suitcase. Looking good!

Last bu not least is Miss Priss. She's all southern and ladylike at the same time. Her outfit is perfectly coordinated right down to her navy blue nails. This lady feels comfortable in the box seats and in the general admission meadow.

Have fun at the Steeplechase! Hope to see you there!!

TREND ALERT: Cap-Toe Shoes

Neon Cap-Toe Louboutin 'Un-Bout', buy here

You know I gottta keep you on top of the trends! Here's another trend that I want in my closet, the cap-toe shoe. These shoes have been on my radar for some time. However, when I saw Beyonce rocking her neon cap toe Louboutin version to the Knicks game a couple of weeks ago, I knew I was in love.

What I love about these lady-like lovelies is the versatility. The pointy-toe versions are easy wear with a jeans. The block -heel version are great for power suits. And the flats are just great for taking a casual outfit to the next level. Although this design isn't new, the trend dates back to the 1950's, the color/material choices have updated the trend. From metallics to spikes, there is a cap-toe shoe for every girl.

Take a look at the styles I've assembled below. I'm sure you can see yourself in a pair of cap-toe shoes!

CLICK HERE to purchase

May 9, 2012

EVENT: 14th Annual Eloise Student Fashion Show presented by O'More College

Oh, it's fashion time in the city! One of my favorite fashion events is the O'More College of Design Student Fashion Show. You wanna know who the up-and-coming southern designers will be? You should be at this show!

Each year 25 of the schools junior and senior class present designs for the show. Each design is 100% handcrafted the the students from accessories to clothing. The 25 student designers will send their individual collections down the runway during the 14th annual Eloise Student Fashion Show on Friday, May 11.

Each collection includes five to ten pieces.  The show will be held in Liberty Hall at The Factory in Franklin, Tenn. Seating will begin at 7:15 p.m. and the show will start at 8 p.m. Tickets are $35, and can be purchased online at or by calling (615) 794-4254, x236.

Eloise is the grand finale of Design Week, O’More College of Design’s premier annual event showcasing the emerging talent across the College’s four departments.

May 7, 2012

CELEB STYLE: Best Dressed from the 2012 MET GALA

Last night I gave you all the info about fashion best night - The MET GALA, now it's time to check out the best dressed and some of my favorite looks. Mermaid, feathers, see-through, peplum, and laser cut-outs are right on trend for the night! Let's see if your favorite celeb made the cut:

Beyonce kept the papz waiting for her arrival. But when she arrived, this Givenchy dress killed the scene!

Before Beyonce arrived, her little sister, Solange, wowed the crowed in this yellow peplum dress by Rachel Roy!
Gisele Budchen in Givenchy
Carrie Mulligan, co-chair of the gala, wearing Prada. Loves the fish-scale sequins.
Emily Blunt wears Calvin Klein. I love this pastel pink!
January Jones, from the show Mad Men, rocked this neon yellow Versace with Cartier jewels.
Leslie Bibb (Talledega Nights, GCB) took my breath away in this Zac Posen creation!
Chanel Iman in Tom Ford. Her face is excellence!
Christina Ricci in Thakoon - most creative of the night! I love it!

CELEBSTYLE: Watch the MET GALA live red carpet coverage!

2009 arrival - via
The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art GALA is one of the premiere events in fashion history. The MET Ball combines Hollywood stars, NY Socialties, and a non-profit giving campaign to help fund the museum's yearly giving drive.

Each year a new exhibit is opened to help celebrate fashion and this wonderful museum. The MET Gala is a huge event, invite only event. Dressing for the ball often allows designers to be accompanied by their Hollywood/Socialite muses. These pairing give viewers the chance to see some high-concept couture being worn on the runway.

Previously, the MET Ball red carpet wasn't streamed live, but this year, Vogue and The MET are allowing viewers to see the arrivals LIVE. Click the link below and prepare to be WOWED by the awesome fashion and styling of today's hottest designers:

May 4, 2012

THE IMAGE: Meryl Streep as "Miranda Presly"

Do I even have to write words to describe this week's Image? Really, if you say you love fashion, then I know you have a special place in your heart for Meryl Streep's fictionalization of Anna Wintour in the movie, The Devil Wears Prada. My friends and I go into 'Miranda Moments' when we recite some of the famously cutting lines from the movie: "Why isn't anybody reaaaddyy?"

What's better is the fashion and styling in this movie is such a good representation of the images we see in the fashion world. Watching one scene from this movie, you will spot several designers effortly used in the most effective manner. This is like a style bible, chick flick, and guilty-pleasure comedy all rolled up in one awesome movie

Stanly Tucci (as Nigel) and Meryl Streep (as Miranda)

May 2, 2012

Model Behavior: Monica & Brandy cover Ebony's music issue

Monica and Brandy grace the cover of Ebony Magazine's June 2012 issue. The issue is all about music and these two ladies are the perfect people to put on the cover since they have new projects on the scene. Monica's album, New Life, was released in April and Brandy's album, 2Eleven, will drop in June.

Click HERE to read more about their article.
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