January 14, 2013

Fab Glance is on Hiatus

Ok, so after alot of thought and prayer, I've decided to put Fab Glance on hiatus for a couple months.

Fab Glance has always been my baby, but lately, I haven't paid her as much attention as she deserves. I have several endeavors on/off line that pull my attention. So I'm taking some time to re-focus my vision for Fab Glance, build my wardrobe styling portfolio, work on my fitness, and re-build the Fab Glance website

Fab Glance won't be gone for too long - the hiatus will last until the beginning of Nashville Fashion Week, April 2-6. I'll return with on-the-spot coverage of Nashville Fashion Week's parties, events, and runway reports! Believe me, I know Fab Glance will be amazing in 2013!

So that's it. If you want  find me, make sure to connect to my other sites:

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