January 7, 2013


Wide Width boots

So the winter cold has settled in. Although Nashville doesn't get much snow, we do get low to freezing temps. Being from up north, I love it, but true southerners are praying for summer to return.

Well, while we wait, how about buying some great winter boots! Oh, you have an odd foot size and a larger than normal calf size? No need to worry! I found an AMAZING sight for ladies who desire fashionable high quality boots with wide widths -  it's www.widewidths.com.

I have extended sized feet, I wear a size 12, so I'm always on the look out for great trendy shows in my size. When I stumbled across this site, I was more than happy share my discovery with my readers. Here's what Anna, owner of WideWidths.com has to say:
At WideWidths.com, EVERY boot comes in plus calf boot sizes and we are the only company that lists the calf size for every foot size and width to ensure the best possible fit. Since we know that many women have problems finding boots for large calves or boots for athletic calves, our mission is to bring the most new and exciting fashions each season to all of you, our loyal customers.
Now the prices are bit higher, but you can't surpass the quality  So, I hope this helps ease your pain when searching for boots.

*this post is not sponsored*
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