May 2, 2013

TREND ALERT: The T-Shirt Dress

MASC Yellow Slab Tee Shirt Dress

As I browse the years hottest trends this one almost slipped past me.

Not many are on it, but 'm here to bring you to front of the trend line. This week's trend to get in - The T-Shirt Dress. What is a t-shirt dress? Well, it's exactly how it sounds - an over-sized dress cut in the shape of a t-shirt. Doesn't matter the material - although my favorites are satins and poly-blends (cause it a bit more fancy) - a t-shirt dress is the easist to style.

Casual or going out on the town, a t-shirt dress can be styled any way. Below, I've styled this very fly t-shirt dress by MASC. I'm telling you, the t-shirt dress will be the hottest thing since the maxi-dress.

Fruit Cocktail

First up is the easiest way to rock a t-shirt dress, as a cover-up during a beach vacation. Slip on your cute dress with lots of bright accessories and you'll be beach ready.

Walk in Sunshine

Got a day party, lunch date, shopping trip with the girls - here's the perfect way to style your t-shirt dress. Casual shoes, fun jewelry, and lots of girly accessories up the ante for this look. Oh yeah, color-block is still in for 2013.

Electric Blie

Date night with that cute guy from work? No problem, pull out your t-shirt dress and add these bright pumps, trending accessories, and statement jewels.

Hard Soft Summer

Lastly, this is all BAD GIRL! You thought the t-shirt dress was just too cute and simple. The short hemline give you lots of leg while this superb heel give you a 'take no prisoners' stance. Rock on fashion girl!

So there you have it. I hope you hop on this trend before everyone else. Be the coolest girl in the crew with the cute yet sassy t-shirt dress!
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