May 27, 2013

Wardrobe Style: What to wear to a picnic

Well, Memorial Day starts the official kick-off to the summer season. Weather it's a family BBQ, wine and cheese with friends, or basket of goodies with your summer boo - at least one time, you'll be asked to go outdoors to get your 'snack' on. So the question goes, what's do you wear to a picnic, cook-out, or BBQ? Here's some quick tips:
  • Stay away from stilletos - if you need hieght, opt for wedge heels.
  • Sneakers are best for comfort and safety especially if you have to trek to you location
  • Sundresses are cute, but make sure your woo-ha doesn't show when you sit down
  • Keep it cute with cut-off jeans, Bermuda shorts, or chino shorts
  • Always bring a Tide-to-Go stick for messes or food mishaps
Below, I assembled a cute little Memorial Day outfit to inspire your picnic personality. You never know, you could meet your summer boo-thang at that next picnic. Click the pick for purchase info.

At First Sight …

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