June 3, 2013

Donate to the Indiegogo Campaign

When I started writing this blog, I never knew how far it would take me. I've meant celebrities, photogrpahers, models, and designers. I've helped so many people and encouraged many more along the way. But with all those accomplishments, earlier this year, I thought about letting Fab Glance go. It gets a bit difficult to run not one, but TWO succesful blogs. While Natural in Nashville is easier to run because I have a complete team, Fab Glance is a bit tricky because it's only me.

So after prayer, encouragement from mentors, and comments from readers, I've decided to put some work in this little blog. This blog once reigned as the #1 Urban Fashion Blog in Nashville - #1!! I'm ready to take the throne again. I've partnered with Indiegogo, the fundraising site that helps people around the world raise money to fund their passions.

I've watched my 'little' idea grow to an awesome website that attracts more than 5,000+ readers a month. Our Facebook page boasts 650 members, while our twitter feed has the same. It became clear, people wanted the information I had to share and I needed to oblige. It's time to take Fab Glance to THE NEXT LEVEL! You have until July 14 to contribute.

This campaign will help form one great website that offers comprehensive fashion stories that appeal to my target demographic, wardrobe advice, and FAB event coverage. The money earned from this campaign will support the expansion of the Fab Glance empire: an eBook, a new website, promotional materials, and miscellaneous overhead. Below my video explains so much more.

Please donate to the Indiegogo campaign. Your contribution will mean SO MUCH!  

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