June 6, 2013

MALL FINDS: H&M opens to a FAN FRENZY in Opry Mills Mall

Today was the day! H&M officially opened it's doors in Nashville at the Opry Mills mall. Said to be one of the largest H&M stores in the southeast, the Opry Mills location boasts men's, women's, chidren's, and a plus-size section.

Today's grand opening event brought 100's of customers to the Opry Mills location. Shoppers lined up as early as 6am waiting for the store to open. When I arrived at the mall, the line stretched past the movie theater. H&M offered the first 300 customers an H&M t-shirt and various shopping discounts up to $300.  Grand Opening offers starting at $5 throughout the store!It was truly a shopper's delight.

When the store manger cut the ribbon, customers were greeted with a live DJ playing music, excited store associates, and exclusive SALES! The crowed cheered and ran through the store hunting for deals. The only complaint from customers - the check-out line wasn't moving fast enough. It's official, H&M has a home in TN.

The line was too long, and I had tot return to my day job. But next week, I'll make my way back to H&M to give you a recap of my shopping experience. I'm interested to see how big the plus-size section will be. 

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