June 17, 2013

What I Want: NikeID Liberty Collection

Listen, I know, as an adult, I should really think about dropping $150 + tax, shipping, and handling on some worthy cause, or my 401k, or my student loans, but guys - these NikeID Liberty London collection sneakers are calling my NAME! NikeID teamed up with Liberty London for another collaboration:
Nike X Liberty is back. After the success of several past collections, the collaboration between the sports power brand and famous British print label has returned in a NIKEiD first. The collection sees classic Nike silhouettes such as Nike Air Max 1, Blazer and cult favorite Roshe Run reupholstered with two of our iconic floral prints, Capel and Pepper.
Can you see the epic-ness of these floral prints (which are so IN for this year) and the traditional Nike silohette? Can you see yourself running and being fashionable at the same DANG time? Well I can.

Get your life on the NikeID site while designing your own pair of Liberty London Floral shoes.
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