July 9, 2013

What to wear to a Beyonce Concert

If you were one of the lucky fans to get a ticket to Beyonce's Mrs Carter World Tour, CONGRATULATIONS! I know you are going to have an amazing time because Beyonce is an EPIC performer. She's bringing her 'experience' to Nashville this Saturday, July 13. The internet streets are already buzzing with excitement about Beyonce's arrival. So of course I had to give you some style inspiration as you decided on your concert outfit!

#MrsCarter Style

Beyonce's style has certainly evolved. I can say, I've definitely enjoyed her current personal style more than any time in her career. She seems confident with her body and with her fashion choices. Beyonce is definitely a trendy girl. She see's a trend and rocks it til she's tired. Sometimes we'll see her in casual separates, with a splash of color, or mixing prints with cute flats. Her style can be replicated by shopping at stores like Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and your local thrift store.

So let's get into some options on what to wear if you are going to the Beyonce, Mrs Carter World Tour. Take a look

#Beyonce Concert, Look 3

No matter what concert you visit, you always want to be COMFORTABLE and cute. This look pulls comfy chic together, with a bit of trend, hi/low fashions, and tribute to our favorite royal daughter, Blue Ivy. The denim-on-denim trend is going to be super HOT this year - so get ready. A pair of wedge heels will give you height and comfort while this Givenchy clutch purse helps keep you tickets safe.

Beyonce Concert, Look 1

Next up is a look for our VIP ticket holders. Your seats are just close enough to the stage that you don't have to stand up to be amazed. On top of that, you are going out to dinner with your fabulous friends and you may hit up a celebrity afterparty at an undisclosed location. Well, you gotta be ready. Leather shorts, designer undies, and Guiseppe booties hit the mark. Beyonce would be proud of this video ready outfit - pose for camera girl.

#Beyonce Concert, Look 2

Ok, so you bought those Beyonce tickets with the last of your money after you paid your rent. Now you are sitting in the NOSEBLEED section! Beyonce looks like a dancing puppet, but you are still happy to be in the building! No need to fret, you can still look cute as you prepare for the long walk to the top of the stadium. This flower pencil skirt, bustier, and Converse All-Star Chucks, will keep you comfy, cute, and on trend. Most of these items can be found at Forever 21 and you local thrift store.

#Beyonce Concert - Look 4

Ok, this was a bonus look for this story. I know this UBER-trendy look doesn't appeal to everyone. However, the essence of Beyonce is her ability to take her music to a different level when everyone expects her to stay the same. That's why I designed this look. These gladiator heels and denim overalls aren't something you'd expect to put together, but when I added the other casual elements, I was pleasntly surprised. Of course, you can switch out the heels with a pair of Converse, flat sandals, or wedge heels. Your choice!

I hope these four looks inspired your outfit selections for the Beyonce Concert. I wasn't fortunate enough to get tickets, so you better have fun for me! ENJOY!!
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