August 8, 2013


Anyone who knows me, or follows me on Instagram knows I've been DROOOOOOLING over the above pictured Valention Studded pumps the 'RockStud'. The shoes come in all sorts of color combinations and a hefty pricetag - more than $900! Yeah - I know!

On top of that, I have the unfortunate luck of having a big foot. Yup, size 12 over here. So, when everyone else is buying the cool shoes, I'm just dreaming and hoping one day my foot may shrink. Sigh. 

Torrid Pink & Nude Studded Heels - purchase here

Luckily there are a ton of retailers that make shoes in extended sizes. I visited Torrid at the Opry Mills mall and was greeted by these awesome Valentino inspired pumps. The kitten heel, the gold studs, and even the two-tone color way - all there and for a fraction of the cost!

Of course I purchased but it got me to thinking? Can one be considered a true fashionista if she purchases knock-offs?

A couple years, I wrote a post about buy fake bags: How to Carry a Fake Bag - If you MUST!:
You don't have to carry a label to show you have style. A purse is just a place to carry things that can't fit in hands or pockets. ITS NOT A BIG DEAL!
The biggest misconception is that a person with a minimum wage job should feign importance by buying a knock-off bag.  You know those bags/shoes/clothes sold at flea markets, 'purse parties', and even on the side of the road. Knock off products hurt the industry and arent made well sometimes using horrible substandard materials.  In addition, many knockoffs are made in factories where labor laws aren't followed. The more fake bags, purses, and shoes are purchased the more sweatshops continue to exist. Plan and simple, don't buy those fakes - you lose credibility and you aren't helping the fashion industry.

However, pieces that are 'inspired' by a designer item are a little different. Inspired pieces take direction from trends, add a slightly different spin, and cut costs (usually by using different materials, less advertising, etc).  Steve Nadden, Nine West, Aldo, Jessica Simpson and other retailers often design products inspired by luxury designs. In addition they create their own original designs which add credibility to the brand. Products inspired by luxury brands are OK in my book. 

On a final note - inspired looks are great for trendy items. However, staple items that you buy to build your wardrobe - I say spend as much as you can afford. If you have $200 to spend on a pair if good black pumps - by any means - do it. A more quality made product will last a lot longer!
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