August 12, 2013

MUSIC MONDAY: Ariana Grande feat Mac Miller, "The Way"

Listen, knock me if you want but I love me some Ariana Grande.

I knew of her via her Nickelodeon show Victorious  (the only show I can tolerate on Nickelodeon - lol). However, I didn't think she'd become this break out star with a hot single on the charts. Her debut song, "The Way" has become the summer anthem. I've heard it being played on the the Top 40 and the Urban radio stations.

Plus, she's just SO CUTE! OMG! She's like a little pixie fairy with her auburn curls and cupcake clothes. I can see that she's transferring nicely from a Nickelodeon icon to a pop princess. Take a look at her video below - you are guaranteed to start bobbing your head.

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