September 4, 2013

JOIN ME! #SuperSeptember

A couple weeks ago I realized I was attaining goals I planned to attain: new website coming soon, weightloss doing well, business networking, and being a better person.  But I still needed to do more! I decided that September would be my most motivational month of 2013! #SuperSeptember came to be. 

We all have goals, resolutions, or thoughts on being better - lets make September 2013 the month we impress ourselves. People are joining me on twitter, Instagram, and Facebook - making September a month to remember! 

My new goals for the month:
  • Getting to work on time
  • Refraining from sweet treats
  • Reading more/watching tv less
  • Spending more quality time with friends/family
  • Watching my spending
  • Getting more rest 
Tackling these tasks will set me on a better path as we get into the holiday season. What about you, How will you tackle #SuperSeptember? Make sure to tag your posts on Instagram with the tag #SuperSeptember, #28days, and/or #GetitTogether so I know you are in! 
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