September 1, 2014

#OOTD: How to rock white after after Labor Day!

#OOTD: One last White!

It's Labor Day and the debate continues - do we still wear white after Labor Day? Of course you don't have to subscribe to old school rules for fashion but I actually agree with the 'No White After Labor Day' rule - but in a non traditional sense.

Remember, white represents rebirth, vitality, and life - that's why summer clothes are light and airy. So, traditional summer looks like: sundresses, linen pants, sandals, pumps, and wedges, need to go into storage. But staple items are ok to stay in your rotation, like:
  • blouses/cardigans
  • t-shirts
  • white jeans
  • some casual wear
  • some accessories
So, Fab Glance is saying you have until September 30th to continue wearing white. I know we have a couple more 80-90 degree days left on the calendar. But lets face it, by the end of September, the weather starts to be a bit chilly.  Plus, sales on those cute Fall fashions are too tempting to pass up. After September, you might as well start the transition!

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