October 2, 2013

I'm not a beauty blogger but . . . Clinique Moisturizer is AMAZING!

I decided to start telling you all about some of my favorite beauty products. So, once a week, I'll spotlight a beauty product that I've come across. Like the title says, I'm not a beauty blogger but the things I like . . . I love! And, I'll use them until the company discontinues the product.

So, as a Belk media partner, I get invited to these trend watching events. Everytime we attend, the lovely people at Belk give us an amazing gift bag filled with beauty products. I usually give most away but sometimes one will catch my fancy. That's what happened when i tried this Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer.

DUDE! Like seriously, where has this stuff been all my life! The older I get, the more my skin gets wacky. I used to be a big greasy mess - but now, I have combination skin. I used to have habitual acne, now, not so much. So the old moisturizer I used to use, no longer worked. Seriously, I'd been looking for a new moisturizer for months!

What I like about the Clinque is that it's not greasy, it quickly absorbs in your skin, and the moist feeling lasts ALL DAY! You gotta try it!

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