October 25, 2013

What to wear to an HBCU Homecoming weekend?

HOMECOMING: School Spirit with Style
Going to the pep rally or game, show your school spirit and fashion influence!
It's that time of year - HOMECOMING season is in FULL EFFECT! No matter what college you attended, homecoming season is always a big deal. But and HBCU homecoming? It's a different situation! LOL! Truthfully, the food, the parties, the parades, and the clothes - oh the clothes - are something to see.

HBCU alums like to step out in STYLE! So you you know I had to do my annual, What to Wear to an HBCU Homcoming inspiration boards! Oh yes ladies, be inspired to step out of the box this year. Let the crisp fall air challenge you to layer your looks with ease and style. Take a look below:

#HBCU Homecoming - From Pep Rally to Day Party

THE TREND: Moto Jackets, embellished flats, cropped tops
First up is the 'Just got in town, let me find out where everyone is at' outfit. LOL! Of course you are just flying into town. You wanna keep you outfit streamlined and easy. Start with rocking flats around the city and slide into some heels when it's time to hit up that Day Party, Happy Hour, or Lunch with friends.  

#HBCU Homecoming - On to the Next One!

THE TREND: Thigh High boots, Body Con Dress, Oversized Prints
Oh it's PARTY TIME! You've located the girls and a game plan is in effect! First up is dinner then it's out on the town. Going to one party, or party hopping, this look will survive through a long night of fun!

#HBCU Homecoming - The Afterparty

THE TREND: Leather, Gold embellishments, cropped sweatshirts
Are we still going strong? Someone invited you to their houseparty? What, are we going to do a liate night Waffle House run? Well, slide on this bonus look that's trend heavy, warm, and comfortable.

#HBCU Homecoming - Til Next Year
THE TREND: Luxe Sportswear, studded accessories
You made it through the weekend - fashionably! It's time to say Adios to the girls and head home on that jet plane. Hit up the local brunch spot rocking this sporty chic look.

I know you are gonna have fun at your homecoming, let these outfit inspire you to try something new - in the wardrobe department! You already know I'm a graduate of Tennessee State University and we are celebrating our 101 year of service and education. It's gonna be a great weekend.
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