November 7, 2013

I'm not a beauty blogger but . . . Real Techniques Makeup Brushes are amazing!

I was gifted these Real Techniques Make-up Brushes via the kind people at Klout. And to say that I'm in love with them, is an understatement.

Now, I've never been one to be INTO makeup. I'm blessed to have really clear skin so I wear a little gloss on the daily.  Being a blogger and being invited to events, I've learned to put my 'face' on. After a couple years in the blogger/beauty business I learned a few things about make-up. The most important: You need QUALITY brushes to apply your product. 

Having a good brush set is important because poor brushes can damage the quality of your make-up application. As a professional artist wouldn't paint his canvass with just any brush, it's important to make sure that you have clean, soft brushes available for your daily make-up routine.(source)

Just in time for my busy holiday season I received these amazing brushes. The brand, developed by make-up artist, Sam Chapman, are 100% cruelty free, lightweight, and have a color coded system that helps make application easy.  When you buy good make-up, you deserve quality brushes. The Real Techniques brushes are some of the best I've used.

What I like the most is the color coded system helps me remember what brush to use on what part of my face. And to think, I used to use my FINGERS to apply makeup. Like for real! LOL! Now, I've stepped my game up! Take a look:

The Real Techniques brush kit makes you want to apply a lovely face! Take a look at Real Techniques Brush Collection on their website:

Oh yeah, Real Techniques has a FREE BRUSH contest going on -  CLICK HERE
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