December 18, 2013

NEW: Take my PERSONAL STYLE class at Nashville Community Education

I know I've been MIA from the site, but I've been working hard on the side to make YOUR life a bit more fab. Love the site, love the Outfit of the Week posts, do you just wanna be more stylish? Well, sign up for my Personal Stylist classes at Nashville Community Education.
Nashville Community Education is a community of affordable, non-credit classes for the people of Nashville and surrounding areas. Our program is filled with a vast roster of classes like canning and seeding, Zumba and line dancing, Microsoft Office and Social Media Basics, and Spanish and German, just to name a few.
Nashville Community Education operates in 3 locations (Cohn Adult School in North Nashville, Wright Middle School, and Antioch Middle School) with a variety of classes. Classes are affordable and available through the semester. 

Sign-ups begin soon, and there is class to suit you fancy. Seriously, we have so many classes, including my own, that would appeal to everyone. You can learn, get fit, or update you portfolio. So make sure to CLICK HERE to sign up for classes, my class especially! Can't wait to see you!

For more updates and class descriptions - follow Nashville Community Education on Twitter and Facebook.
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