March 5, 2014

CELEB STYLE: Rihanna and Lupita N'yongo at the Miu Miu show

OH MY GOSH! All this beauty in one photo! Rihanna's been in Paris this week for Fashion Week. She's been KILLING IT. Wearing all the designer looks, in her Rihanna way. But then, the goodness that is LUPITA was snapped in a photo sitting front row. How can we have all this beauty in one photo?

This was shot at the Miu Miu show earlier today. I love this photo because it shows the awesome variety and beauty of black women!

Of course I had to scan the Internets for ALL. OF. THE. PHOTOS.! So fly!

Oh, and JARED LETO was there . . . mmm-hmmm . . . You and Lupita in the same spot . . . ok!

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