August 29, 2014

SNEAKER STYLE: High Tops and Graphic Prints

I got so many Nike's you'd think they'd give me a contract! LOL! Welcome to Day 3 of my Plus Size Sneaker Style Guide; I'm so happy to share my sneaker style with you. Today's look includes one of my favorites - although I seldom wear them - my Nike Dunk Hi sneakers. Let's talk about it!

Sidenote: Why do I have so many BLUE sneakers! Goodness! Blue is my favorite color, Turqouse my fave tone, but even I'm realizing I need to branch out. Anyway, Nike Dunk Hi sneakers started off as a basketball shoe but now alot of skateboarders wear them. I can see why, the super flat sole hold well to a skateboard.

As for a fashion-lover, like myself, Nike Dunks are a versatile show that can be worn with jeans, skirts, and leggings. For this look I chose to wear my Nike Dunks with these two-tone graphic leggings from (purchase similar). These leggings are reversible, and I love that. To have that surprise graphic print in the back is a nice surprise sometimes. Today, I chose to wear the print in the front.

Another note, if you don't like wearing leggings due to having fat thighs, I say, stopp being scared and try a pair. As a plus-size lady, my thighs are where most of my weight settles. I can't hide it, so why should I. This graphic print is interesting. Most of the time I get compliments; for those who don't like it - not your pants!

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