October 9, 2014

Fall Style: Army Green and Chocolate

  Yay! Welcome to my Fall Style series! I love sharing my personal style with you - I hope to inspire my readers to try a new look. So let's get started with this week's look - my new favorite army green dress from … DRESS BARN! I know, right? Actually, this whole look is a lot cheaper than what you'd think! So let me hip you to my shopping game!

 Dress - Dress Barn, Bag - C. Siriano for Payless, Boots - gifted from my mom (find similar), Earrings - Payless
Photos by Toni Denisa

As you can see above, almost everything I'm wearing in this shoot comes from the MALL! So many times, plus-size women say they can't find cute outfits at the mall especially in Nashville. But I've lived in Nashville for almost 20 years and I've been successfully shopping in the city for years. Plus-Size Ladies, you don't have to order everything from the internet. 

Can we get into these boots! Shout out to my mom for gifting me these boots last Christmas. I get my big feet from her and she's always looked out for me when finding shoes in a size 12. On top of that, these boots are OVER THE KNEE! I love them the most! The chocolate brown color is so luxe and rich. They aren't suede, but they look it which is good for me, because I'm so hard on suede shoes.

This purse was purchased from Payless last year. Like I've said before, I can find something at ANY store. Looking for shoes (because Payless has nice shoes up to a Women's size 13) I came across this fly cross-body bag. The color and texture was everything I needed in life - I had to purchase! Christian Siriano has been doing great things for Payless. Make sure you give them a visit.

Lastly, the earrings are right on point for fall this season. Every girl should have a pair of chunky jewels in her jewelry box. These were from Payless as well - a quick pick-up during a BOGO sale. You will see these again, believe it.

As always, I hope you are inspired to look outside your favorite stores to find something fly for your fall wardrobe. Next week, I'll be sharing another one of my favorite fall looks! Stay tuned!

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