November 26, 2014

MY STYLE: Rock my Timberlands … like a LADY!

My northeast roots wouldn't let me go another winter without purchasing a pair of Timberland construction boots. In my 'Fab Five for Fall' article I talked about why Timberland boot were a must-have for Fall/winter. A good stylist must follow her own advice.  

At first glance, Timberland boots don't seem very functional. I'd agree. The first couple wears are difficult to get into. The boot itself is heavy - I mean, IT IS a construction boot. But after a couple wears, your foot gets the hang of the situation. 

Stylist Tip: be sure to double up with thick socks during the first couple wears. You can even buy a softer insole to cushion your foot. Afterwhile, the shoe gets more comfortable.
So far I've been rocking my timbs with leggings and old school slouch socks. Just keeping it simple so that you can see what I'm serving in my new favorite boot. But I plan to develop more looks with these boots. Everyone would think to keep it urban, but you can make the look your own by going super girly or lady-like or classic. Step out the box, you might like it. 

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