January 21, 2015

#OOTD: Make Life A Party

Today, I was feeling like a party. Even though my birthday is 6 months away (which is also the anniversary of the blog) I've already been planning my celebration look book. Then I thought, hmm, we can feel like a party any time we want.

Life isn't always easy, so when you feel down, throw yourself a party. Buy a cupcake, put a candle in it, and then celebrate yourself. Shoot, put a dress on too. Call your friends and say "we are gonna celebrate making it to Thursday!" LOL!

Today's look is all about making life a party. The look was anchored by these gorgeous Burberry pumps. Next is this tulle skirt by Valentino. Someone said that tulle/tu-tu skirts were going out of style, but I say 'no'. Party skirts will never go away because they look good on all shapes and everyone wants to feel like a little girl sometimes.

Let this look be an inspiration for one of your most happy days  . . . or a sad one.
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