February 25, 2015

MY STYLE: Timberlands and sometimes . . . bad decisions

So listen. It's cold outside. And I'm over it - I just am.  I know I'm from Massachusetts and I should be used to the cold weather, but I didn't move to the south for these shenanigans! So, this week's look is all about how I'm trying to keep it cute when it's so cold outside.

Dress - Forever 21, Necklace - Charlotte Russe, Tights - Torrid, Socks - Torrid,  Shoes - Timberland

Let's talk about how Forever 21 is really stepping it up in their plus-size department. The selection is great and has lots of variety. I picked this cute hooded dress from the Opry Mills store and totally fell in love with it. Like, it's a dress, but it can be worn as a shirt over leggings. It's super comfortable and great for layering, which is what I've been doing this entire winter season because I refuse to wear a proper coat. LOL.

The one thing I have been rocking non-stop are my Timberland boots. They are FINALLY comfortable. And wearing these lovely thigh-high socks (worn here as slouch socks) keep my feet super warm and comfortable. Plus, I love the cozy look these over-sized socks give me and my feet were really comfortable during this week's ice-storm.

So, even though I'm refusing to wear a coat, I'm still really warm. Don't worry about me . . . well, when it was like 12 degrees I did wear a coat. But when it's more than 25 degrees I'm rocking all the layers.

Shot by: Toni Denisa
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