April 10, 2015

GLIMPSE: Nashville Fashion Week 2015

Nashville Fashion Week has two days left to dazzle the city with fashion and creativity. On the fifth year of this event, the committee worked hard to do what they do best: spotlight some of Nashville's most gorgeous locations and open our eyes to the creative people who live in our city. 

Below are a couple of photos from the last three days. Next week, I'll spotlight my favorite looks and activities from this exciting week!

Day 1 started the week local designers presenting a runway show. Here we have an amazing dress from Pink Elephant by Truly Alvarenga

Day 2 we dined on fashion at The Cordelle! Accessories designers used jewelry and accessories to decorate this glorious table. Kinda cool!

Day 3 we fell in love with artist, Herb Williams, 'Call of Couture' crayon sculptures.

Tonight is the final runway show taking place at the bicentennial mall amphitheater. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for more photos and commentary.

Tickets are still available: www.nashvillefashionweek.com.
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