May 15, 2015

Join the Nashville Fashion Alliance - DONATE TODAY

The Nashville Fashion is an organized alliance of like-minded professionals dedicated to building a sustainable and globally recognized fashion industry in Nashville, Tennessee through advocacy, economic development, resources and education.

Did you know that Nashville is "Rated 4th Best Metro Area for Fashion Designers"? Yes! All these fashion shows and modeling agencies didn't spring up for no reason. Nashville is now becoming known for more than music. Any good business person knows it's best to invest in a place with strong growth potential. That place is Nashville.

That's why I'm happy to introduce the Nashville Fashion Alliance (NFA). The NFA is a group of fashion influenced like-minded individuals who are committed to make Nashville's fashion industry ATTAINABLE and SUSTAINABLE! NFA is working with Nashville's Area Chamber of Commerce to provide more jobs and more opportunities to people who want to work in the fashion arena.

Why does NFA need your donation? To start building the infrastructure to create jobs, mentoring programs, and training facilities for Nashville's fashion industry. To solve the problems that hinder new start-ups, NFA will be the place to turn to for help.

So, if you love fashion in Nashville and you want Nashville to become a place for fashion innovators to live, please donate to the NFA kickstarter. 
Click the link to learn more about the Nashville Fashion Alliance.

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