June 30, 2015

VIDEO FAB: 'Play No Games' - Big Sean ft Chris Brown & Ty Dolla $ign

I'm an eternal lover of music videos. That's why I feature them on this hear blog. Nothing like a cool visiual to connect with your favorite artist or your newest favorite song. So, when I got the note that Big Sean dropped the video for his song, 'Play No Games' - my fave song from the album Dark Sky Paradise -  I was excited.

And Sean did not dissapoint! This is one of the cutest and creative videos for 2015. Big Sean takes us back the 90's with a tribute to one of the funniest tv shows to ever grace tv - MARTIN! Martin still plays on several channel, MTV2 being the most popular. So, the show has garnered a bunch of new young fans. Plus, 90's trends are so popular in fashion this year - score!

From the opening credits to surprise guest, Big Sean's video is an ode to fun times in hip-hop. Take a look below -

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