July 8, 2015

LUST LIST: Swatch Watch - Surfing the Wave Collection

Three floral watches from the Surf the Wave Collection
This week's lust list is all about my favorite accessory . . . WATCHES! If you know me in real life, you know I have a love affair with watches. But, would you believe I hadn't purchased a watch in almost a year?! For SHAME! However, now that I've seen the new 'Surf the Wave' collection from Swatch (my fave brand, old school - I know), I'm ready to purchase.

Swatch developed these cute beach inspired concepts for the summer-lover in all of us. I love the entire collection but I LOVE the watches I selected for this story. These watches are so fly, so flirty, an so cute for summer. Adding a fun watch to your look is a great way to wake up a kinda boring look.

Take a look at my fave looks then click here to view the entire Surf the Wave collection.
Flower Breeze
Limbo Dance
Mister Parrot
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