September 2, 2015

LUST LIST: All the bags from Banana Republic

I have a friend who is a frequent shopper at Banana Republic. Sometimes, she drags me into the store. Now, I love the Banana Republic asthetic, but they aren't the spot for the plus-size shopper. After countless visits with my homegirl, I realized something, Banana Republic has some GREAT accessories. Real quality stuff!

This week, I'm lusting after the Banana's bags! LISTEN! Nothing gets you ready to shop for Fall faster than finding the right tote/bag. I can build my entire Fall look off of that Ashbury Burgandy Tote! And this book bag, I nearly lost my mind. I wish this was a sponsored post! At least I could get some percents off! But I shall be saving my coins to pick up a bag or two this year.

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