September 2, 2015

MY STYLE: Everyone's favorite shirt

Happy September! We are a couple weeks away from my favorite season, FALL! However, living in Tennessee, we won't feel the cool winds of the season until late October. No matter what, I'm a fan of DRESSING in fall colors, while allotting for the warm temperatures. Like, dude, we still have PLENTY of 90 degree days left on the schedule. That's why this week's look is all about transition and utilizing items from summer, to tell a fall story.

BUY NOW: Shirt - ASOS,Jeans and Shoes - Torrid, Necklace - Charlotte Russe

I'd like to report that this is probably the FAVORITE shirt I've ever worn. Ever time I rock this shirt, I get compliments. Seriously, you'd think this shirt was brand new the way people react to this shirt. I remember purchasing this shirt from ASOS more than three years ago. I've even worn it on another MY STYLE post (click here), but this shirt still gets rave reviews.

There's nothing like investing in a piece that lasts the test of time. This shirt is one of those pieces. And, I can wear it winter, spring, summer, and fall! Perfect if you live in a mostly warm weather climate like the south.  A piece like this is one you wouldn't mind repeating!

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